How to Remove Hidden rows in excel

How to Remove Hidden rows in excel
How to Remove Hidden rows in excel

As an auditor i have to work with excel , and some clients are just using excel for book keeping purpose, the way in which they use excel for book keeping is some time totally different than what a professional accountant’s work.

As we need data in categorical form most of times, so Filter option is used by many of us to categorize data, however it is very annoying to use sum function in this case , or hidden rows can be a annoying thing itself.

When i encounter such thing i was out of clue at start, but than i tried to search a reason, that how can i copy or move all cells shown by a filter. so questions i asked to me were:

How to copy rows shown by filter?

How to copy only visible rows?

and when i dig t further i found out that proper way will be to:

Remove Hidden rows in excel.

Now the question is

How to Remove Hidden rows in excel

So now i am sharing a very easy approach to remove all hidden rows , This will work if they are hidden due to filters or you hide them manually, it does not matter. Following steps are needed to perform in order to Remove Hidden rows in excel:

  1. Developer options should be enabled in order to use this procedure.Click here for tutorial on how to enable developer options.
  2. Press “Alt and F11” simultaneously.
  3. A new screen will appear just like below mentioned screen.Remove Hidden Cell Image 1
  4. If these lines are not showing or a blank grey background appears, Than click on tab named Run as shown in upper menu of this picture.
  5. Click on Run Sub/user form as shown in image.Remove Hidden Cell Image 2
  6. Type name of macro and click on Create button.
    Remove Hidden Cell Image 3
  7. A new screen will appear, Type following code in that screen, Just delete the default text appears on that screen. 
    Sub RemoveHiddenRows()
    Dim xRow As Range
    Dim xRg As Range
    Dim xRows As Range
    On Error Resume Next
    Set xRows = Intersect(ActiveSheet.Range("A:A").EntireRow, ActiveSheet.UsedRange)
    If xRows Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    For Each xRow In xRows.Columns(1).Cells
    If xRow.EntireRow.Hidden Then
    If xRg Is Nothing Then
    Set xRg = xRow
    Set xRg = Union(xRg, xRow)
    End If
    End If
    If Not xRg Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox xRg.Count & " hidden rows have been deleted", , "Waseem Anwar Code"
    MsgBox "No hidden rows found", , "Waseem Anwar Code"
    End If
    End Sub

    you will see a screen like this now Remove Hidden Cell Image 4
  8. Now press f5 button, Use it with fn if you have function key in keyboard.
  9. You will see a prompt like this. And as shown by image we had two hidden rows and both are deleted now.Remove Hidden Cell Image 5
  10. Now you can close developer option, and can go back to your excel sheet.


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